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The Final Mayan Prophecy

Premise: The ancient Mayan calendar, accurate for more than 5,000 years, comes to an end on December 21, 2012. What did they know that we don’t?

Among the Maya, some believe the birth of the god-king Kukulcan will occur at the end of this age. When a rebel group awaiting that birth kidnaps a pregnant woman and her husband to force the prophecy, the event triggers a string of happenings that may cause it to come true.

Available at,,, and just about anywhere you can buy ebooks. Only $0.99. Not sure about this e-reader stuff? Still prefer paper? It’s available in trade paperback at amazon for $9.99.

The novel was co-written with television producer Paul Skorich and is based on a screenplay we also co-authored.

Hoosier Hoops & Hijinks

hoosier hoops

Tony served as co-editor for this fun anthology where all the stories link to Indiana’s favorite sport next to racing, basketball. He also contributed a Francine and Charlotte (Bucket List series) short story, “Snowplowed,” to the book. This book was published by Blue River Press, a division of Cardinal Publishing.

Second Advent

The first book in the Nick Bertetto mystery series. When former investigative reporter Nick Bertetto, now a stay-at-home dad, is asked to return to his hometown of Clinton, Indiana to attend the funeral of the town patriarch, he has no idea it’ll put him at the center of a contested will, competitive religious sects, murder, and a miracle.

Reviews: ” (A) distinctive first novel.” — Publishers Weekly
“A winning first novel.” — Mystery Scene magazine
“Perona’s got the makings of a major writer.” — Forthcoming Books

Angels Whisper

The second book in the Nick Bertetto series. When former investigative reporter/stay-at-home dad Nick Bertetto almost hits a homeless man wandering down a highway, he uncovers links to a missing state congressman, prostitution, gambling, murder, the mob, and angels who whisper about death.

Reviews: “The second in a series to watch.” — Booklist
Angels Whisper is a really good story, with convincing characters and jolts readers anywhere (will) enjoy.” — The Indianapolis Star
“Perona is as adept at evoking laughter as he is at creating a sense of menace.” — Mystery Scene

Saintly Remains

The third in the Nick Bertetto series. Stay-at-home dad Nick Bertetto and his family visit his wife’s parents in Jasper, Indiana, only to have Nick pulled into an investigation that involves a Columbine-style massacre, a Satanic cult, an attempted robbery of saintly relics from a nearby cathedral, and a missing corpse. The connection proves to be something far deadlier than anyone imagines.

Reviews: “Think a visit to your in-laws is scary? Wait till you hear what happens to freelance reporter Nick Bertetto and his family. Nick’s third appearance proves his investigative skills as sharp as ever…” — Kirkus Reviews
“This third in the series has a well-developed, likable main character and a face-paced plot with a touch of the supernatural.” — Booklist Review
“The engaging characters and timely plot make Perona’s third mystery (after Second Advent and Angels Whisper) a compelling read.” — Library Journal Review

Read the prologue! Click here to be taken to the ominous opening for Saintly Remains!

Other Books

Racing Can Be Murder

A collection of 19 short stories all revolving around the Indianapolis 500. I co-edited it with Brenda Robertson Stewart and contributed a short story as well. The book was a finalist for the 2008 Indiana Book of the Year award, fiction division, presented by the Indiana State Library.

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