Contest Riddle

Okay, the answer to the riddle was Thornton Wilder. About 69% of you got it right!  For those who didn’t, here’s how the riddle was solved.  First, here’s the riddle, again:

A person of literary significance
Three prized awards won he;
Crack the code below to learn
What valued awards these be.

ANBP, FLB1, W9, L1
ANBP, FLB4, W4, L3
ANBP, FLB7, W8, L6
ANBP, IB1, W5, L6
ANBP, IB3, W3, L2
ATPP, EB2, W35, L1
ATPP, WSB1, W12, L5
ATPP, WSB2, W2, L3
ATPP, TSBB3, W28, L5
ATPP, IB2, W4, L5

The first he won for seeking God
In far away Peru;
The second for lifting daily life
Above the mortal view;
The third was said to show we face
Same problems every age;
Tell me the name of whom I write–
He’s listed on a page.

The first thing you needed to do was figure out that ANBP was the sheet entitled A Nick Bertetto Primer, and that the ATPP was a Tony Perona Primer.  These sheets were in the envelopes I left at each library.  FL was Family Life, B was for the bullet point, and the number following the bullet point indicated which one of the bullet points to look at.  W indicated which word within the bullet point to look at, and L indicated the letter within the word.  Once you had that figured out, you could determine that the ‘prized awards’ the person of significance won were Pulitzer Prizes.  Then I proceeded to give you clues about the particular works that won this award.  Finally, I told you that the person was listed on a page.  By examining the names listed, particularly under Influences, you could check to see if any of them had one three Pulitzers, and if those matched up with the descriptions I provided.  Only one fit:  Thornton Wilder, a personal literary hero of mine.

So, thanks for playing and for guessing! I had such fun devising the contest that I might do another one on my website in a few months.  Not sure what the award would be this time, but I’ll be thinking about it.  Please check my website occasionally to see what’s going on.

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