30-Day Adventure, Blog 17

So, it’s Wednesday, and although I have only two counties to go (Hamilton and Tipton), Tipton is north of Hamilton, so I still have a bit of a drive.  Plus, I need to hit the Indianapolis-Marion County Public Library, which I haven’t done yet.  I decide to do Indianapolis first, which means I don’t have to leave as early as I did yesterday.

The IMCPL, as it’s abbreviated, has been renovated recently, and although I took the photo from the front, which is the old facade, the interior and the remaining parts of the building are very modern.  I parked in the underground parking garage (free for the first half hour!) and took the elevator to the main floor.  I spoke with Melissa, to whom I’d sent the letter and who I knew from working with her on a couple of programs last year.  She was preparing for a meeting, so I left the materials with her (she knew about the contest), and headed back out, easily within my free half hour in the parking garage.  Here’s a photo of the library:

IMCPL website

I went north on Meridian Street to 38th Street, took it across to Keystone Avenue, and took Keystone all the way into Carmel.  I went down Main Street in Carmel until I found the library, which is just past Carmel High School on the other side of the street.  I met Cynthia at the readers advisory desk.  She was very nice, and listened to me talk about why I was there.  She took the contest materials and we had a nice discussion about the mystery readers group that meets at the Carmel Library (it used to meet at The Mystery Company bookstore, which is now defunct–RIP).  Anyway, she said she’d give the materials to either Deanna or Christine.  The Carmel Clay library has a no photos policy, unless it’s arranged through the communications department, so I thanked her and left.  Here’s a photo of the library’s exterior:

Carmel Clay PL website

From there I went north on S.R. 31 to Tipton County and the city of Tipton, which is the county seat.  With Hamilton County now in the completed column, Tipton was the 92nd and last county.  I celebrated by taking my photo outside the library.  You can see I’m happy:

Me at Tipton website

I went inside and met Kendra, who works in their Indiana Room.  She is very supportive of Indiana authors and asked if I would come back to do a program.  I told yes, and that I’d try to bring some additional mystery authors with me and do a panel discussion.  She liked that idea.  Kendra also accepted the contest materials.  Here she is, holding the envelope:

Kendra at Tipton website

Okay, so while I was technically finished, I still had two other libraries to hit.  One was in Alexandria, where my father-in-law is from.  I promised him I’d go past there after Tipton.  So I did.  And it was a fun visit.  Alexandria is on S.R. 38 east of Tipton as you head toward I-69.  It’s in Madison County, which had been covered by my visit to Anderson.  Anyway, I met the children’s librarian, Beth, and had a delightful talk with her about how difficult it can be to get your name out there as an author.  She was amused by the path I was taking, visiting so many libraries.  She took the contest materials and said she’d pass them onto the director.  Here are the photos from my visit to Alexandria:

Alexandria PL website Beth at Alexandria website

One more stop to make, and that was the Fishers Library.  It’s in Hamilton County, which I’d already covered this morning, but I have relatives in Fishers (hi, Dan!), so a stop was in order.  I swung around I-69, got off on 116th Street, and then went around Municipal Drive.  I had a great visit at the Fisher Library!  First, the librarian, Trudy, knew who I was!  She recognized the name immediately and said some of her co-workers had read my books and were enthusiastic about them.  The library has a mystery book club (Mystery Loves Company) that’s been meeting for 10 years, and she would love for them to read my new book and then have me back for a discussion!  Of course I said yes!  Now it’s just a matter of working with her on the month, but no doubt it will be in the fall.  Here are the standard photos of the library and of Trudy with the contest materials.

Fisher PL website Trudy at Fisher website

I love Fishers!!

After that, I headed home.  It was nice to get home in the early afternoon instead of late.  As of now, I’ve hit all 92 counties and exceeded my 101 library goal.  In fact, it stands at 92 counties and 107 libraries.  But there is still one more day, and I’ve got one more library, my home library of Plainfield, where I’ll be presenting the final envelope and giving a talk.  I can hardly wait to complete my adventure tomorrow!

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