30-Day Adventure, Blog 16

It’s Tuesday, and I have only two more days to go!  When I planned out these routes four weeks ago, I’d had a route that started at Greensburg and went down along the Ohio River valley.  It was a long one, and it hit seven counties.  Because of how things had gone in previous weeks, I’d kept putting it off.  But I couldn’t do it any longer.  I knew I had to hit it today.

The thing that helped was that the first library on my stop, Greensburg, opened at 8 a.m.  That meant that I could leave the house and start the route early, with the expectation I could get home at a decent hour.  My goal was to be at the library by 8:30, and I hit it almost exactly on the nose.  I took I-74 east to the Greensburg exit, then went in and met with Andrea, the library director.  Andrea was very nice and seemed to get a kick out of the contest.  She even told me they had a couple of my books, which I always like to hear.  Anyway, here is the Greensburg-Decatur County Public Library and Andrea with the envelope:

Greensburg PL website Andrea at Greensburg website

From there I returned on I-74 and went on down to Batesville exit.  Batesville is right at the tip of Ripley County, but it counts!  I went into the city and found the library right on the main drag through town, Walnut Street.  I stopped across the street, took the obligatory photo, and then drove around to the entrance in the back.  Inside I spoke with Jane at the reference desk.  She listened to me talk about the adventure and how I wanted to let people know about me and my books because people didn’t know about me.  She laughed and admitted she was one of them.  But now she knows. She took the materials and said she’d give them to her library director.  Here are the photos of the library and Jane with the envelope.

Batesville PL website Jane at Batesville PL website

From there I decided that I was better off continuing on I-74, even though it went into Ohio, and coming back on I-275 to Lawrenceburg than I was taking S.R. 1.  It would have been shorter staying in Indiana, but I wasn’t sure it would be faster.  Some of those S.R. can be winding, and if you get stuck behind a truck on a 2-lane road and can’t pass for a long time it can really slow you down.  Anyway, I took U.S. 50 west from I-275 and went right into Dearborn County and Lawrenceberg.

All I can say is wow!  Lawrenceberg has a really nice downtown area down by the river.  It’s still being rebuilt, and there are a number of vacancies, but clearly the city is putting their riverboat money to good use.  I’d love to have one of those townhouses within walking distance of everything.  Very cool.  And the library was fairly new as well.  I parked along the courthouse, snapped a photo of the library from across Mary Street, and then went inside.  I spoke with Darlene, who listened to my story of the adventure and the contest.  She took the materials to give to her director who wasn’t there at the time.  Darlene was very kind.  Since she didn’t feel it was appropriate for me to take a photo, I didn’t push the issue.  I thanked her for her time and left.  Here’s the outside of the library, though.

Lawrenceburg PL website

Today I was anxious to get as much done in as little time as possible.  I went immediately back to U.S. 50, took it through Aurora, and then caught S.R. 56 down to Rising Sun.  Rising Sun also has a riverboat, and they, too, were using their money to build up the town.  Rising Sun, though, is much smaller than Lawrenceburg.  It was still a nice area, though.  Rising Sun is home to the Ohio County Public Library.  I found Second Street easily enough, and from there figured out where the library was.  I loved the exterior.  The architect played off the ‘Rising Sun’ theme very well.  (You may not be able to see it on the photo, but there are a couple of large Rising Sun logos on the building.)  I went inside and met the library director, Cynthia.  She was great to talk with and even gave me a heads up about a nice bookstore in the area and a few suggestions on where to eat lunch.  She also wanted to know if I was interested in doing a program there, so I might be back in the fall.  Here’s Cynthia and the Ohio County Public Library.

Cynthia at Rising Sun website Rising Sun PL website

I decided not to go back into town to eat.  It was a little early for lunch, and being obsessed with getting through today as quickly as I could, I wanted to move on.  So I continued along S.R. 56 until it went overland, and then I switched to S.R. 156 along the river.  What a beautiful drive!  At times you’re coasting right next to the river; other times you see the river through budding trees.  But you’re never far from it.  The day was nearly perfect, and that helped, too.  Not a cloud in the sky and the temperature was unseasonably warm.

It actually proved to be a bit of drive to Vevay, which is in Switzerland County.  Vevay is another small town, like Rising Sun, only I think Vevay is smaller.  I found the Switzerland County Public Library without even having to ask for directions!  Anyway, a quick photo outside and I went in and waited in line at the circulation desk.  The library director, Shannon, who was out in the library at the time, asked if she could help me.  As we talked, she remembered the letter I’d sent in advance and seemed interested in the contest.  She said they had a lot of mystery readers and that she would get someone on posting a notice about the contest.  She also said she’d order my book if she didn’t already have it on order.  Here’s the library and Shannon with the envelope.

Swtizlnd Co PL website Shannon at Switzlnd County PL website

I had one more stop along the Ohio River, and that was at Madison in Jefferson County. Madison is a beautiful city with lots of well-kept historic homes and a historic downtown area, too.  I found the library and went inside.  The person at the circulation desk said the director had gone to lunch and would be back in a half hour.  Since it was now about 12:30 and I was hungry, I decided it was worth waiting for the director, and that I would eat lunch in Madison. Often I bring lunch with me, but that morning I’d be so focused on getting out of the house early that I hadn’t made lunch.  I walked around the downtown area, but was most intrigued by a guy selling BBQ out of a cart on a grassy mall area where there was a fountain.  The area is where the town has its farmers market, and I gathered this gentlemen sold his BBQ there during the market, too.  I joined some of the locals standing in line and bought a sandwich and some water, then sat on a bench by the fountain and enjoyed a wonderful, peaceful lunch.  It was nice to have a moment like that in the middle of such a busy day.  Here’s where I had lunch:

Lunch spot Madison website

I went back to the library and there was a different person at the circulation desk.  She told me the director wasn’t there and wouldn’t be back, nor would she let me explain about the adventure, the contest or anything.  She just said to leave the materials and she would give them to the right person.  If that person had questions, they would call.  I thanked her, gave her the materials, and left.  I didn’t even bother to ask if they’d let me take a photo.  Here’s the outside of the Madison-Jefferson County Public Library, though.  Beautiful building.

Madison PL website

Now I needed to head inland to North Vernon, to the Jennings County Public Library.  I took S.R. 7 north out of Madison, switched over to S.R. 3, and found the library along S.R. 3 north of the split.  I parked, took the library’s photo, then went inside and spoke with Ed, the assistant director.  Ed was very nice, and I liked that he said ‘not a problem’ after I explained about the adventure and the contest.  He seemed to think I had hit on a good idea to visit at least one library in every county.  He accepted the envelope and even let me take his photo with it.  He said he’d give it to the appropriate person, who would be back the next day.

Here’s Ed, the envelope, and the library:

Ed at Jennings Co website Jennings Co PL website

I took S.R. 3 back to U.S. 50, which also crossed North Vernon, and then took it to I-65.  I went north on I-65 to Indianapolis, I-465 around the south end of Indy, and then I-70 home to Plainfield.  It was my last long day, and I was glad it was over.  With 7 more counties down, I now have only 2 left to go.

The new totals:  90 counties down, 2 to go.  And I’ve hit 102 libraries.

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