30-Day Adventure, Blog 15

Today I’d been invited to the Clinton, Indiana library to do a booksigning with several other authors, including by writing partner Phil Dunlap, so I had saved the libraries in Clay County (Brazil, Indiana) and Vigo County (Terre Haute, Indiana) to do on the way to the signing.  Phil and I rode together.

We took U.S. 40 out of Plainfield and stayed on it all the way into Brazil.  About halfway through the city I was certain we’d passed it, but Phil kept telling me we hadn’t, that he’d kept his eyes out for it.  Sure enough, he was right.  It turned out to be on the western side of the city.  I pulled in the parking lot and went in while Phil went to the bank next door to get change in case he needed it at the booksigning.

Okay, let me be honest–I love reactions like the one I got in Brazil.  Jim at the circulation desk had been aware for weeks that I was coming, and he was excited to see me.  He handed me copies of my earlier books they’d pulled out of their stacks for me to sign, which I did.  Then one of his co-workers, Ann, came by and he introduced us, and then Phil came in, and I introduced Phil.  We had a good talk, and I couldn’t have felt more welcome.  Here are photos of the Brazil Public Library and Ann and Jim with the envelope.

Brazil Public Library website Ann and Jim Brazil website

From there we continued into Terre Haute.  Phil and I each had a connection to the city.  Phil had lived in Terre Haute for quite a while when he was younger, and I told him most of my mom’s side of the family lived in Terre Haute, and that I’d gone there a lot over the years (I still have relatives there).  It turns out Phil lived not too far from where my aunt lives now.  Small world.

Anyway, for as well as both of us should have known the city, we got turned around and had to ask for directions to the library.  But, to our credit, we were only about a block away.  We parked and went in, and I asked to see Chris, who I’ve known for years.  But, alas, she was on vacation that day.  I left the envelope with Sally, who played along with us and let me take a photo of her holding it.  Here’s the Vigo County library and Sally.

Sally at Vigo County PL website Vigo County PL website

After we left the library, I had to pull over, and Phil and I did a frantic search of the car for the bluetooth adapter for my phone.  I’d accidentally dropped it under the seat.  This was important because I was expecting a phone call any moment from a reporter from the Jasper Herald, who’d contacted me earlier.  Fortunately we (or should I say, Phil) found it.  We hadn’t left Terre Haute yet when she called, so Phil found it just in time.   It was a great interview, and we chatted all the way to Clinton.  In fact, Phil was in the Clinton library and already setting up when my interview wrapped up.

It was a nice booksigning.  My friend Marlis Day was there and sat next to me.  It was good to see her again, especially since the last time we’d been together (at Bouchercon) we’d both been stressed out.  Her books hadn’t shown up for her signing, and I was upset because she’d brought author Wendelin Van Draanen in late for a HOT TICKET event.  Anyway, I apologized again (although ‘yell’ is strong word; I don’t really think I yelled at her).  Anyway, it was nice event, and thanks to the Clinton Public Library for putting it together.  Karen, the library director, and I have known each other for a long time.  Here’s a photo of the two of us clowning around with the envelope.

Tony and Karen Clinton PL website

However, between the interview and the booksigning, I forgot to take a photo of the library itself.  Sorry about that.

With three more counties and libraries down, that means my total is now up to 83 counties and 95 libraries.  Only 9 more counties to go!

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