30-Day Adventure, Blog 14

Saturday I headed down to Louisville for a booksigning and talk at the April meeting of the Sisters in Crime, Ohio River Valley chapter.  The chapter holds its meetings at the Barnes & Noble on Hurstborne Parkway.  I’ve remained a member of the chapter, even though they spun off the Speed City Chapter in Indianapolis a few years ago, to which I also belong.  So I was delighted when they asked me to speak and then sign books.

ANYWAY, since I was headed southward on I-65, I thought I’d take in a couple of counties on the 30-day adventure.  I first stopped at the Bartholomew County Library in Columbus, taking the short drive on S.R. 46 into the downtown area.  Columbus, by the way, is noted for its architecture. Many of its buildings have been designed by world-famous architects and engineers because of a charitable program of the Cummins Foundation, founded by the late J. Irwin Miller, which helps subsidize architectural projects.  If you haven’t been, it’s really quite an interesting city to tour.  But I didn’t have time to tour.  I had to locate the library and move on if I was going to get to Louisville on time.  I parked on a street nearby Fifth Street (legal on weekends), and went into the library.  I waited at the reference desk until it was my turn, and then spoke to Denise, who thought the contest sounded like fun.  But because her supervisor wasn’t there (Saturdays is a bad day for that), she could only promise to hand it off to her supervisor on Monday.  Alas, no picture of her with the envelope or even just the envelope.  But here’s the library:

Columbus Bartholomew County PL website

I got back onto I-65 South to the Seymour exit, and then took U.S. 50 into the city.  Because of construction, I ended up having to turn around a couple of times, but I did find the Jackson County Public Library on W. Second Street,as promised.  I parked in front of the library and snapped a picture, only to find that I had to walk all the way around the sizeable library because all the entrances are in back.  I went in and found the reference desk, where Monica gave me the bad news that both of the people I needed to talk to were not in because it was Saturday.  She said she would give the materials to her supervisor, and encouraged me to call on Monday.  So, again, no photo.  But here’s a picture of their stately-looking library:

Seymour PL website

I got back to I-65 and made it to the book talk with a half-hour to spare.  I was really glad I hadn’t planned more Saturday stops, since it seemed that Saturdays were not good days to try to connect with the right people about my contest.

At any rate, that’s 80 counties and 92 libraries down.  Only 12 counties to go.

The book talk and signing went great, and I want to express my appreciation to all the sisters in the Ohio River Valley chapter who came in from the beautiful weather to listen to me talk!

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