30-Day Adventure, Blog 12

We’re really into crunch time here, so I decided I needed to concentrate on the remaining outliers and hold the ones closer to Indianapolis for next week, the last week of this adventure.  So I set out to do the southwest swing between where I’d been on Monday (which started in Petersburg and Princeton) and Terre Haute, which I’m planning to do next Monday in connection with a booksigning in Clinton, which is just north of there.  So, on this cloudy, dismal-looking day I took I-70 out of Plainfield to Terre Haute and then went south to S.R. 54, where I crossed east to Sullivan.  There I found the Sullivan Public Library (Sullivan is both a county and a town).  It’s a Carnegie Library, but a different style than I’d seen before, with a round tower to one side.  Like most other Carnegie Libraries, it’s had an addition to accommodate growth.  Inside I found Carole at the circulation desk, who said I needed to talk to her director, who wasn’t there.  I explained everything about the contest and the adventure to her.  I left her with the envelope, but since she was reluctant to have her photo taken, I found a location on the circulation desk that was irresistible, with Dobby (from the Harry Potter series) in the background.  Here’s the envelope, Dobby, and the library:

Sullivan PL website Envelope at Sullivan with Dobby

Next I took the state road back to U.S. 41 and went south to Vincennes.  Downtown I located the Knox County Public Library.  I took the photo from the back of the building, so you could see the Knox County designation on the awning, but I have to admit it’s not a pretty view from the rear.   Anyway, I went inside and met Emily, the library director, who accepted the envelope and said she’d put out an email to their mystery fans about the contest.  She was gracious and allowed me to take her photo.  Here’s the library and Emily with the contest materials.

Emily at Knox Co website Knox Co PL Vincennes website

I got turned around coming out of Vincennes and had to ask directions–twice–but managed to find my way back to U.S. 41 and onto U.S. 50, which I took east to Washington in Daviess County.  I had already spoken to Rick Chambon there, who is in charge of their outreach services (I’m doing a program in June), and I was able to meet him and also the director, Teresa Heidenreich.  They were both terrific people, and I look forward to being back with them in June.  Here are the obligatory photos:

Washington PL website Rick at Washington website

From there I continued on U.S. 50 into the town of Loogootee, which is just inside Martin County.  As I drove through the farmland area, I breathed in a smell that those of us from Indiana recognize oh so well–the smell of a pig farm.  Trust me, there is nothing that smells like a pig farm.  It is unique.  But the smell is not deadly to my knowledge, and so i didn’t hold my breath for miles as I passed the farm and reached Loogootee.  When I went to take the photo, I realized I hadn’t shown myself in a picture in a while, and just to prove I was in Loogootee, I took it of me standing in front of the sign.  Then I went in and met Mary, the director of the library.  She remembered receiving my letter and said she would let her mystery fans know.  If I remember correctly, they may even have a readers group that she thought might be interested in participating.  Mary was another reluctant soul to have her photo taken, so I propped the envelope up in their mystery section (in with Sue Grafton’s alphabet series–it’s a long story, but I’m Sue’s new best friend, or was back in October…) and took the photo.  Here are the photos, although the envelope one is kind of blurry.

Envelope at Loogootee Me at Loogootee website

From there I took U.S. 231 up to Greene County and into Bloomfield, and then back west on S.R. 54 into Linton.  I traveled through the downtown area and found the library on 1st Street.  I met the library director, Shelley, who thought the 30-day adventure was a fun idea, took the envelope and said she’d pass it onto another employee for publicizing it to their mystery readers.

Here’s a photo of the library and another of Shelley with the contest materials.

Shelley at Linton website Linton PL website

From there I took S.R. 54 back through Sullivan and onto U.S. 41, then back to Terre Haute and I-70 and home.  It was a long day, and I wished I could have done more libraries, but I needed to get back home.  At least I took care of some of the more distant libraries that hadn’t been covered yet.  Only five counties and five libraries today.  I’m starting to get a little panicky that I won’t be able to finish this in 30 days.

New total:  72 counties, 82 libraries.  Only 20 counties left to go.  I have a week left, but I’ve got so much other stuff packed into next week…

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