30-Day Adventure, Blog 11

Tuesday didn’t start out very well for me.  I got a late start, about a half-hour later than I’d planned, but I’d stayed up late finishing the blog the night before and watching the Butler/Duke basketball game.  Have to say I was disappointed in the outcome, of course, being from the Indianapolis area.  But Butler certainly had nothing to be ashamed of.  They were 20 seconds and 1 basket away from winning it.  Wow!  Great game, tough outcome.   But I digress…

The thing is, it turned out to be a good thing I was running late, because Tell City, my first stop of the day, is on Central Daylight Time.  Now, why is that?  It’s far enough east that it shouldn’t be associated with Illinois, where most of Indiana’s counties on Central Daylight are located.  I guess I should have checked.  Anyway, I sat outside the library and spoke two young men also waiting for the library to open.  Given that I had time, I asked them where to get a good cup of coffee, and they recommended The Freezer.  So I went into their little downtown area and bought a cup of coffee.  The Freezer is a hole-in-the-wall diner, but the woman behind the counter was very nice; the coffee so-so.  I’ve had worse, but I’ve had better, too.  Back to the Tell City-Crawford County Public Library I went, and still sat outside until 10 a.m. my time, 9 a.m. theirs. Larry, their director, and I had emailed ahead of time, and I knew he wasn’t going to be there, but he’d told Paul I’d be stopping by.  Here’s the library and Paul holding the letter:

Tell City PL website Paul Sanders at Tell City website

Now I was way behind, and I hurried as much as I could to English, Indiana, home to the Crawford County Public Library.  The drive was a beautiful one as it goes through the Hoosier National Forest.  I took S.R. 37 up to I-64, then across I-64 until I connected with S.R. 237 up to English.  It’s a winding drive, and I was already looking at 11 a.m. before I got there. (English is on Eastern Daylight Time.)  Of course, to make things more difficult, I got lost in the countryside outside of the town, and had to ask directions–and even then, I was lucky to have found it.  Once inside, I met with Tracy, who will be their director in a few months, and fortunately for me she likes to promote Indiana authors. She took the envelope and allowed me to take a photo of her holding it.  Here’s Tracy and the library.

Crawford Co English website Tracy at Crawford website

I was now late for an appointment with Sue at the Harrison County Public Library in Corydon, so I had to call her and let her know I was in still in English.  She was gracious about it and I practically flew back down to I-64 and took it across to the Corydon exit.  Corydon, for those of you who may not know, was the first capitol of Indiana, and it  has a great historic downtown area, which is also where the library is located.  Sue met with me immediately when I got there, and we had a nice chat.  I may be returning there in the fall to do a program.

Corydon PL website Sue at Corydon website

If you love history, Corydon is a terrific place to visit.

Next I got back on I-64 and had a short drive to New Albany where my stop was the New-Albany Floyd County Public Library.  FLOYD COUNTY RESIDENTS ALERT:  The director of the New Albany library–who I didn’t get to see, by the way–declined to let me leave the contest materials at the library.  He said (through an intermediary) that he’d order my book, but that he wouldn’t let his library participate in the contest.  Now, that’s perfectly within his right to do that, but I’m not sure that, working through this intermediary, that he really understood what was going on.  Anyway, I didn’t have time to find out if there were other libraries in Floyd County who would want to participate, so I recommend that Floyd County residents who want to play go to Corydon or to Jeffersonville, my next stop, where the librarians ‘get it.’  OR, IF THERE ARE ANY LIBRARIANS IN FLOYD COUNTY READING THIS AND YOU WANT A CONTEST ENVELOPE, send me an email at tony.perona+@+gmail.com and I’ll be back to you (remove the + signs from the email address, and you’ll have it right).

But to prove I was in Floyd County, here’s the library:

New Albany website

So, as I said, I was pleased to stop at Jeffersonville (a trip back to I-64, then around I-265 to I-65, and then down I-65 to Jeffersonville), where I was warmly received by Harriet, their public services librarian.  She even asked if I did programs, and of course I said ‘yes,’ so I may be back down there later in the year.  Here’s the beautiful, modern-looking Jeffersonville Township Public Library and Harriet with the envelope.

Harriette at Jeffersonville website Jeffville PL website

Buoyed by the Jeffersonville stop, I went back to I-65 and headed north to the Scottsburg exit.  I took S.R. 56 into town and located the Scott County Public Library.  That library, like many others I’ve visited, is a Carnegie Library that’s been expanded to accommodate a lot of growth since it was built.  Nice historic library. I spoke with Martha at the circulation desk, and after I explained about the 30-day adventure and the contest, she said she knew some mystery patrons who’d get a kick out of trying to solve the riddle when I post it on April 15th.  I left the envelope with her.  Here’s the library and Martha with the contest materials.

Martha at Scott Co website Scott Co PL website

From there I took  U.S. 56 back across the interstate into Washington County to the Salem-Washington Township Public Library.  Salem also has a beautiful, historic Carnegie Library, and I had to marvel at how well kept up the entryway is. The stately wooden columns made a great visual impact, and the stained glass window at the top of the dome was in marvelous condition.  I met with Sarah, one of the librarians, and she was pleased to receive the contest envelope.  I’m only sorry the photo of her is so blurry.  This leg of my journey started in Jasper, so I still was using my cell phone camera since I’d forgotten my regular one.  Here, nonetheless, is the library and Sarah.

Salem PL website Sarah at Salem website

I’ll try not to forget my camera again!!!  (Sorry, Sarah!)

At that point I went back across S.R. 56 to I-65 and headed home.  It was great to get back to Plainfield and be able to sleep in my own bed.

I’ve now visited 67 counties (Floyd County does count–I was there!) and 77 libraries.  Just 25 counties to go!

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