30-Day Adventure, Blog 10

I had a long initial journey this morning as I drove from Plainfield to Terre Haute on I-70, then took U.S. 41 south to Vincennes.  My intent was to take S.R. 61 south directly to Petersburg, but I somehow missed the fact that there’s no exit for 61 on the by-pass around Vincennes.  I ended up having to go further south to S.R. 56  and take it across country to Petersburg.  While U.S. 41 goes mainly straight through flat fields, 56 is a winding road that snakes its way through hilly farmland and pasture.  One unusual thing I noticed was that there were small oil wells scattered in the fields, some pumping, some not.  I made it into Petersburg and found the Pike County Public Library on Main Street.  I went in and met Ginger, the library director.  She was very nice and had even remembered receiving my letter.  I explained the contents of the envelope and we chatted for awhile.  Here’s the library and Ginger holding the contest materials.

Petersburg Pike County website Ginger at Petersburg website

From there I took the S.R. 65 (more winding roads) down to Princeton.  Princeton has a beautiful Carnegie Library that’s been been restored and added onto.  I admired the stained glass window in the ceiling and the original chandelier that had electric lights on it, even back when it was built in 1905.  I spoke with Brenda, the library director, who filled me in on the history of the library after I’d filled her in about the contest.  Here’s Brenda with the envelope, and a look at the outside of the library.  You’ll have to see the inside yourself.

Princeton PL website Brenda at Princeton website

From there I had an easy drive down U.S. 41 to Evansville.  Once I managed to get to downtown, finding the library was easy, as the city has it well-marked.  (But I got lost getting downtown…)  I went inside and had a great talk with the folks at the reference desk, and discovered that Evansville had not only received the letter, but had ordered my books as well.  How cool!  Here is a photo of the library, and of Fran (at the reference desk) holding the envelope with the contest materials.

Fran at Evansville website Evansville PL website

From there I took S.R. 62 over to Mt. Vernon to the Alexandrian Public Library in Mt. Vernon. (I’m not sure why it’s called the Alexandrian Public Library.  I tried looking it up and couldn’t find information on it.)  Anyway, I spoke with Patty, their head of adult services, who, as it turns out, lived in Plainfield for about ten years.  She didn’t work at the Plainfield Public Library, but she did work at the Mooresville Public Library.  We had a great time talking about the changes in both towns since she left in the late 90s.  It was such a delight talking to her that I forgot to take her picture with the envelope.  Here’s the library, though, obscured as it is through the budding trees.

Mt. Vernon PL website

I went back across on U.S. 62, taking it through Evansville, but somehow I ended up on U.S. 66 and had to catch U.S 261 into Boonville in Warrick County.  I spoke to someone at the circulation desk, and she determined that I needed to talk to the director, who wouldn’t be back until tomorrow.  I told her I couldn’t come back tomorrow and needed to give someone the contest materials.  She connected me with Julie, who was the bookkeeper.  Julie listened to me explain about the new book, the 30-Day Adventure, and the contest, and agreed to take the envelope and give it to the director the next day.  Since Julie doesn’t work with patrons, I decided not to ask to take her photo with the envelope.  But here’s the library:

Boonville PL website

I left Boonville and headed up U.S. 231 into Spencer County and took in the Lincoln Heritage Public Library in Dale.  There I learned that the person I needed to see, their director Lynn,  wasn’t there.  But the person that I spoke to at the desk, Marsha, listened to me explain about the contest and agreed to take the materials and give them to Lynn when she was in next.  Here’s the library (beautiful library, by the way), but I can’t find the photo I took of Marsha (sorry, Marsha).

Lincoln Heritage Dale PL website

My last stop for the night was the Jasper Public Library, which was wonderful since Jasper is the city Saintly Remains is set in.  I arrived in time to speak with Rita, the library’s director.  We’d communicated by email prior to this.  She was very nice and informed that they had ordered all my books.  She was camera-shy, though, and made me take a photo of Sandy at the circulation desk with the envelope.

Here’s the Jasper Public Library and Sandy:

Sandy at Jasper website Jasper PL website

I stayed the night in Jasper, so I’d be ready to take the southern-most swing on my trip early in the morning.  At this point, I have 60 counties and 70 libraries visited, leaving me with 32 more counties left to visit to finish it out.

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