30-Day Adventure Blog 3

Monday began early at 9 am at the Gary Public Library, the first of—are you ready for this?—nine library stops.  Here I am in front of the Gary Library

Tony at Gary website

Inside I spoke with Diana, who is the collection development coordinator, and she was kind enough to let me bring her up to speed on my adventure and my books.  She took the materials and said she would encourage their mystery readers to check me out.  Library policy prevented her from being in the picture, but here is the envelope sitting on the reference desk.

Ref Desk Gary website

From there, I drove over to Chesterton.  What a picturesque little town!  I especially loved the downtown area, where the library is located.  Enjoyed very much talking with Ruby, the reference manager.  She accepted the contest materials and we chatted about mystery authors.  Here she is accepting the envelope, standing in front of their featured mystery books display (where I hope one of mine will be located shortly!)

Ruby at Chesterton website

From Chesterton (in Porter County) I backtracked to Lake County to see the Lake County Library in Merrillville.  The mystery enthusiast librarians, though, were located at the Schererville/Dyer branch, so I shuttled over there to meet them, Lani and Chris.  We sat down and had a nice talk about their mystery reading groups.  Sounds like they have a lot of mystery readers spread between their various branches.  I hope to be able to return to do a talk there.  Here are Lani and Chris accepting the envelope.  The photo was taken in their mystery section.

Chris & Lani at Lake Co website

From there it was a long trip down to Newton County’s Brook-Iroquois Township Public Library.  I wasn’t able to meet with Joyce, the library director who had received my earlier letter, but I did talk to one of her assistants.  Here is the envelope with the contest materials sitting on her desk.

Ref Desk at Brook website

And just to prove I was at Brook, here’s a photo of me sitting on the library steps.

Tony at Brook website

Then it was a bit of drive over to Rennselaer in Jasper County.  I was amazed when I went by St. Joseph College, which is located south of town.  Wow!  What a beautiful college.  I almost put in a photo of it, but that’s not what I’m blogging about.  Instead, I have this photo of the Jasper County Library, and then of Angela, one of their librarians, accepting the materials.  It was a pleasure to visit with Angela, truly one of the nicest people I met that day (and I met a lot of very nice people!).

Rensselaer Library website Angela at Rensselaer website

I was about halfway to Pulaski County when I realized that I should have used the restroom before I left the Jasper County Library.  By the time I got to Winamac, where the Pulaski County Library is located, I was somewhat distracted and distressed because I couldn’t find it.  A BIG shout-out to Freddie at the Arby’s in Winamac for not only telling me how to get there, but drawing perfect directions.  (And thank heavens for the men’s restroom at Arby’s…)  At the Pulaski County Library I met with Linda, who was very gracious about listening to my 30-day adventure story and was intrigued by the idea.  She accepted the contest materials.  Here’s the proof.

Linda at Winamac

Next I drove to the Starke County Library in Knox.  There I met with Diantha, who also arranges programs for the library, and I hope to return to Knox to do a talk there sometime in the summer.  Thanks, Diantha!

Diantha at Knox website

Though it was late in the afternoon, I wasn’t finished yet.  I still had two more libraries to visit.  I drove further north to La Porte in La Porte County.  La Porte, I have to say, was another one of those really nice, picturesque Indiana towns. Gorgeous, well-kept-up, older estate-like homes lined the drive up U.S. 35 into town.  La Porte, like Chesterton, has a wonderful downtown area.  I stopped at their stately library and met with Deborah, one of their reference librarians.  Here’s a picture of their library and of Deborah inside the library holding the envelope with the contest materials.

La Porte Library website Deborah at La Porte website

I ended my long day with a drive further north to Michigan City.  The MC library has a very modern look, as you’ll see from the photo.  Inside I met with a librarian and left the materials with her.  The second photo is of the envelope at the information desk.

Michigan City website MC Reference Desk crop small

I was exhausted by that time, but I still had to drive east quite a ways to Warsaw where I stayed with my daughter and son-in-law that night.  It was my first really long day.  I have come to realize that although I always knew Indiana was a big state, you have no idea how really big it is until you drive it like I’m doing.  But I have to say I’m enjoying it.  With only one exception, the people I’ve met so far have been very friendly and have been willing to give this author a little of their time and a lot of encouragement.  Thank you, all my newfound librarian friends!

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