30 Day Adventure, Blog 2

This afternoon I had a little time, so I drove out of Plainfield on what we locals call “Old 267″ although it hasn’t been ‘267’ for something like 25 years.  Anyway, so Old 267 joins up with regular S.R. 267 south of town, and I took it into Mooresville to where it meets West Harrison Street, and that’s where the library is.  Here’s a photo of the library entrance:

Mooresville Library

Did you know Mooresville is an award winning library?  Here’s the sign to prove it.

MPL Winning

I’m holding the contest materials, of course.  Then I went into the library and spoke with Judy Morehouse, the Reference Librarian, because the adult services librarian wasn’t there at the time.  I gave her the materials, but she wouldn’t let me take her photo (some people are so shy), so she made Bob Gilliland from Circulation hold the envelope.  Here’s Bob:

Gilliland Mooresville

If you live in Mooresville, you can look at the contest materials by seeing Bob or Judy or Meghan, who’s the adult/young adult program coordinator, or, well, just ask at the reference desk.

One library today, one more county (Morgan) covered.  To go:  94 libraries (to reach over 100) and 89 counties.  And four of my days are gone.  Yes, I’m getting a little nervous.  But next week I’m going to make big progress covering northern Indiana.  You watch!

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