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The One State, 92 Counties, Over 100 Libraries, 30-Day Adventure got off to a slow start. My first two days were so busy that I didn’t get the chance to visit any libraries.  Today was really the first day I could get out.  I feel like I’m already behind…

From the very beginning when I conceived this adventure, I wanted the first and last libraries to be special.  I knew the last would be my current home library in Plainfield; it seemed the first should be my former home library in the town of Speedway.  And that’s where I went.

Here’s a photo of me at the Speedway Library, in front of their sign:

Tony sign Speedway

This next photo was taken just after I presented my good friend Toni  at the Speedway Public Library with the contest materials.

Toni Sekula, Speedway Public Library

Each library I visit will receive an identical set of materials.  Once I post the contest riddle on the evening of April 15, anyone who wishes to find the answer can search through these materials at their library.  The answer will require some detection and some research, but the answer is in there.  Contestants should submit their answers via my website, and after three days, I’ll draw one entrant from the pool of correct answers.  REMEMBER:  the winner will get a character named after them in my next published novel, and the winner’s library will receive $250 to spend on books, PLUS a signed set of first edition copies of my three Nick Bertetto novels.

Anyway, following my visit with Toni, I realized I was hungry so I stopped by the Einstein Bros. Bagels at the corner of Cunningham and Crawfordsville, only to be disappointed.  They were out of Powerbagels.  I ended up instead with a whole wheat bagel and munched on it as I took I-74 west to Brownsburg, the second library I visited.  There I found Jay, who greeted me and accepted the contest materials on behalf of their library.  Here’s Jay’s photo.

Jay at the Brownsburg Library

Jay at the Brownsburg Library

Just down State Road 267 I came to the Avon-Washington Township Public Library, and gave the contest materials to Lynn.  (Be sure to look these people up at your libraries when you are seeking the answer to the riddle.)

Lynn Mills accepts the contest materials at the Avon Library.

Lynn accepted the contest materials at the Avon Library.

After a brief stop for lunch back at my house, I headed out U.S. 40 until I reached the turn-off to Clayton.  At the Clayton Library I received a warm reception from Library Director Jonnie, who had been intrigued by the letter I’d sent about the contest and had my first two novels on her desk.  We spent some time catching up, and then I gave her the envelope.

Jonnie Wallis and I ham it up for the camera.

Jonnie and I ham it up for the camera.

From there it was back to U.S. 40 and then up S.R. 75 to Coatesville, where Library Director Cheryl accepted the envelope and mentioned that they have a mystery book club that meets there. I hope the club is interested in the new book as well as entering the contest.

The Coatesville-Clay Township Public Library

The Coatesville-Clay Township Public Library

Library Director Cheryl...has the envelope at Coatesville.

Library Director Cheryl has the envelope at Coatesville.

More driving took me to U.S. 36, where I drove east until I reached the Danville Public Library. Here I am in front of the Danville Library.
Tony Danville

Cindy, who operates the Indiana Room at the Danville Public Library, shows the envelope.

Cindy, who operates the Indiana Room at the Danville Public Library, shows off the envelope.

Inside, I was able to give the envelope to Cindy, who told me she’d just ordered Saintly Remains, and pointed out where my current books were in the Indiana Room at the library.

It was great to visit these six libraries.  But since five of them were in my home county of Hendricks, I only hit two of Indiana’s 92 counties today (Hendricks and Marion).  But still, it’s six libraries, two counties down.

Yet to come:  95 libraries, 90 counties!

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